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Classified Advertising Submission Form

Please fill out the form, and don't forget to click on 'Submit Ad' at the bottom. If you're a member and it's your only classified, the ad will be placed automatically. If you are not a member, or if you are, but already have your first ad posted, I will wait until I receive your check for $10.00 for every 3 months you wish the ad to remain. Please make checks payable to BSEA, and mail to Katherine Staples, P.O. Box 567, Billings, MT 59103. If you want a photo on your ad, you can either mail it with your check for $10.00 to the above address, or e-mail it to


E-mail address:

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Please type classified ad below, exactly as you want it to show on the web site. If you want something bolded, start it with <B> and end it with </B>. If you want something in italics, start it with <I> and end it with </I>. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ALL OR MOST OF YOUR AD IN UPPERCASE. I WON'T POST IT THIS WAY, AND I WILL RETURN IT TO YOU TO RE-TYPE IT.

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