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2005 Jutta Schott Clinics

Apr 30-May1 § Jun 10-12 § Aug 12-14 § Sept 30-Oct 2

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Jutta and Sergio performing a shoulder-in

Classically trained German clinician Jutta Schott, Reitlehrer FN, has been coming to Billings to give dressage clinics since 1987. She will return to Billings to hold four clinics during 2005. Jutta is licensed by the German National Equestrian Federation to instruct both horses and riders through the FEI levels.

Jutta schooling Ravel

Jutta also has her Austrian instructor's license and belongs to an association of professional trainers and instructors. For seven years, she worked for Arthur Kottas, Chief first rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, as an assistant instructor at the Kottas barn. She holds the German NEF Bronze and Silver medals and continues to advance her own riding education by attending many international level seminars and clinics. She give clinics throughout the far West as well as coming to Montana.

An accomplished rider in her own right, Jutta, currently competes her own horses at Grand Prix and Intermediare I. Jutta is skilled at working with all types of horses, at various levels of training from Introductory dressage up to FEI. Her comprehensive background in dressage allows her the scope to work with everything from long lining ground work to mounted lead changes and piaffe, working with riders at all skill levels. Her emphasis is on establishing correct basics, laying a solid foundation for the further advancement of both horse and rider.

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