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Billings, Montana

January 2004 Meeting Report

Fifteen members and guests helped BSEA kick off the new year with an informal potluck dinner and White Elephant exchange at Sheila Ruble's on January 18th. It provided new members with a chance to meet old timers and everyone had a great time foisting off white elephants on one another. A coveted prize was 2 pounds of carrots donated by Jenny Boelter, but gifts ranged from the ridiculous (a large can of Louse Powder for those people in your life who are giving you a hard time) to the sublime (a box of chocolate truffles so good it didn't even make it to the final exchange before getting dipped into). Although the meeting was intended to be mostly social, a brief discussion was held regarding plans for some future activities. Interest was expressed in having some very low-key dressage schooling shows, either at WECC or a local indoor arena, depending upon costs and availability. Linda Coates-Markle volunteered to check into one option and get back to Diane Erhart. Christy Lovegrove briefly discussed the insurance and purchase status of WECC. (For more information on WECC, check their web-site.) It was suggested also that Diane Stanley, a USDF TD, might give a talk one night to members regarding what is involved in being a TD and what sort of questions come up most often.

If you have ideas about other activities or educational opportunities you would like to see BSEA offer to members please contact any of the board members. Remember, the club needs your input and your help. Every little bit counts!

submitted by Sheila Ruble

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