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Billings, Montana

March 2004 Open Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2004


	Wayne Erhart		Diane Erhart		Christy Lovegrove
	Linda Coates-Markle	Lynn Hilliard		Sue Knighton
	Scott Reno		Kerri Reno		Doris Gillespie
	Barb Ramlow		Sheila Ruble		Linda Priddy

Guest Speaker: Dianne Stanley, USEF Dressage "r" Technical Delegate

Dianne Stanley gave an excellent talk about USDF rules and regulations. Her presentation will be posted separately.

Diane Erhart called the meeting to order. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as posted on the web site. Kerri Reno presented the financial statement, relating that the checking account balance as of 3/11/04 is 2328.61 and the certificate of deposit value is 1282.62. Linda Coates-Markle mentioned that we could probably get a better rate by investing that money differently.

Diane announced that we need an organizer for the dressage schooling show - no one volunteered. Kerri told the group that she and Sue were not having a dressage schooling show the day before the horse trials this year because the riders at each event didn't overlap, and it's too much to do in one weekend. The dressage schooling show does well, though, and it's worthwhile doing for our members, so someone needs to step in to run it. We couldn't decide on a good weekend to have the show, so it's been tabled until the next meeting.

Diane announced that the next meeting will be held at Montana Insurance Group, April 8th at 6:00. Sheila Ruble will be the guest speaker, talking about the biomechanics of the horse, and how it affects your dressage scores.

Sue Knighton will be organizing a schooling jumping show April 10th at Warfield Park. She's working on the prize list/entry form, and will try to get it out soon.

Diane announced that they are continuing to work on a Dressage Symposium, and Barb Ramlow of Creekside has given us a great rate of $250/day to hold the Symposium there. At Diane's request, Creekside will handle the stabling. Barb would like to see a well-known name as clinician, if she's going to close her facility down for two days, so they're checking into getting Lendon Gray.

Diane announced that she will be running ads in the Thrifty Nickel (per a previous board decision) during April, May and June to try to attract more members. The ads will mention upcoming events.

Diane distributed posters, designed and printed by Kelli Dempster, to anyone who would be willing to post them around the Billings area. Everyone was really please with how professional and exciting the posters looked.

Since we were talking about advertising, Barb Ramlow told the group that at for the USDF recognized dressage show, she's offering a class sponsorship for just $35.00 to non-profit organizations and clubs. The sponsorship allows the organization to have a business card sized ad in the program, booth/banner space, plus 'Friends' listing. Kerri moved that we should sponsor a class for $35.00, Lynn seconded, and it was passed unanimously. Kerri will fill out the proper form and write the check. Sue mentioned that Maria Mertz had already done a great booth for an event last year, so Diane said she'd contact her to see if we can use the booth for the Creekside recognized show.

Diane announced the web site link guidelines, approved by the board February 17th via an e-mail vote. They can be found on the links page of the web site.

At the last meeting, there was some talk about purchasing Adobe Acrobat for the clubs use so that the newsletter can be easily put on the web site. It was tabled until prices were determined. Kerri announced that she'd signed up for a trial run with Adobe that allows us to create 5 documents for free. This free trial should get us through this year's newsletters. After that, we can either buy Adobe Acrobat for around $275 or we can pay a monthly fee of $9.95. Everyone agreed that a one time fee of $275 sounded the best, but the decision can wait until next year.

Kerri also announced that Brookes Larsen had contacted her the past week about a possible clinic by her son Michael. He said he'd do the clinic for cost (airfare, hotel, insurance) and the rest of the proceeds could go to BSEA. Michael has evented at the Advanced Level, and is trained in dressage to Intermediare. The consensus was that we'd like to support Michael, if we could, and it would be good for young people to see how far Michael had gotten without a silver spoon. Sue moved that we try to set up a clinic with Michael, and Christy 2nd. The vote passed unanimously. Kerri and Sue will check into the costs and dates and report back to the board.

Christy told the group what BSEA's options are for renting Warfield Park. We can either 1) pay WEP 50% of our profits on each event, and prepare the park ourselves, or 2) pay 150.00/day for the arenas and 150.00/day for the cross country course and prepare the park ourselves, or 3) pay 150.00/day for the arenas and 150.00/day for the cross country course and pay WEP actual costs to hire labor and equipment to prepare the park. It was decided that paying WEP 50% of our profits would entail the least risk for both WEP and BSEA. Kerri moved that we pay 50% of our profits to WEP for each event held at Warfield Park during 2004 and be responsible for the park preparation ourselves. Sue 2nd the motion and the vote passed. The park rental can be re-visited each year.

Diane announced there will be a driving clinic in Lewistown May 1st and 2nd. The clinician is Donna Reimer, and experienced 6-up driver.

Sheila brought up the membership roster, and wanted to know why there were objections. Kerri said that the way things are these days, she didn't think it would be prudent to give out members phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Sheila suggested that we contact each member and ask if they want their phone numbers and e-mail addresses included in the roster, and that if we did not hear from them by a certain date, we would assume that permission was granted. Sheila made the motion, Kerri 2nd, all were in favor.

Christy informed the group that there's been a change in the Warfield Park rules. In order to get insurance for the park, WECC had to rescind the option for a day membership. WECC was allowing people to pay $20.00 for a day membership, which is useful for visiting riders. The insurance company won't allow it, so the only way anyone can now ride at the park is if they are a full member, or it is an event day. On event days the organizing parties insurance will cover those riders.

Christy also informed the group that any organization that rents Warfield Park must 'know and understand the established rules/regulations governing any equestrian sport/endeavor and must adhere to such established standards when conducting an equestrian event at WEP.' So we either need to follow the rules of the national governing body (USDF, USEA, USEF, etc). or we need to state the differences clearly in our prize list/entry form. There was a lot of discussion about how this will affect us and what we can do to make schooling shows affordable, yet protect the club. The discussion was tabled for the next meeting.

Diane adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Kerri Reno

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